Hip Hop Artist/Alternative

J.A.M is a brand new young artist that has been rapping since he was 12 years old while attending Junior High School and hopes to be discovered soon.

Jae Supreme is his nickname/stage name and he has been writing his own lyrics, creating his own beats and putting his own style to his music and is very passionate about it. He enjoys playing football, drawing, dancing and creating music.

Currently in High school Jae wants to take his music career to the next level and wishes to get the recognition he needs from prominent music promoters, labels, and companies in the industry who wishes to expand on his talents and creative mind.

He is a very brilliant student who attends Plantation High School In Florida. Very charismatic, funny, talented and not to mention good looking. He is also a creative music producer who knows how to mix sounds to create the type of music that everyone would want to listen to and all the lyrics are air quality music. 

Check out the rest of the site and listen to some of his creation and music and contact us or send us an email, enjoy.